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Health Outreach Programs - HOP

Primary focused on mental health programs, HOP helps to spread awareness about mental health and change the way we look at the mental health. We have specially designed school programs, mental health workshops and programs designed for corporates to support mental health at work and mental health program designed for elderly people.

Health Outreach Programs for School

Health education programs directly to schools!
At Kudroli Foundation we promote good health, behavior and achievement through - healthy eating; physical activity; personal, social and health education for children in schools.


Health Outreach Programs for Corporates

Corporate wellness program designed for companies and their employees!
Our Tailored program for corporate wellness and employee engagement focus on individual’s inner (physical, mental and emotional) well-being in order to achieve optimal results in their performance.


Health Outreach Programs for Elderly People

This program focus on improving the well-being of seniors. We focus on empowering older adults.