what is beauty a dream camp story

hat is beauty?

A handsome face, a scenic location, an immaculate Mathematical proof?


Well, I learnt what beauty is during this Dream Camp.

This year I was in-charge of my own kids, the ones I teach during my Ed-Support classes. Being a mentor to seven kids needs a lot of shuttling and at times it was difficult. So, during the second day I was late for breakfast as a couple of my kids were not ready yet. When I finally reached the dining area I found Rajibul leaning against a pillar at the dining hall.

“Had your breakfast?”, I enquired.

“Yes Ma’am”

Though he tried to imitate the cheer, his eyes betrayed him. I could feel he was hungry. Since it was South Indian breakfast and he wasn’t accustomed to it, he probably didn’t like it. Somehow instinctively I held his arm and said, “Come on! I haven’t had my breakfast and I don’t like having my breakfast alone. Accompany me and have one more idli.”

Although the proposal was not very welcome, he couldn’t refuse. I sat with him throughout and made sure he has a hearty breakfast. The day went on perfectly well. After dinner we all gathered in our family to discuss how the day was. The shares from my kids were quite fulfilling. Lastly, it was Rajibul’s turn, who was huddling close to me. He started with a stammer, “My morning started with breakfast that Ma’am fed me. She gently put every morsel into my mouth and I felt as if my mother was feeding me. No one, except my mother, ever fed me like this.”

Yes he was in tears; so was I. It was no big deal for me. Completely banal for us who have been fed by our parents or family and friends on numerous occasions. But for our kids, it’s priceless.

It is not extravagance that our kids seek. Just a little love. Trust me, show them what love is and they will show you what loving back is; at the deepest level possible.

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