what does lack of education lead to

We as humans must understand the benefits of education, Humans who are lesser educated live shorter lives than those who are educated more, such age gaps are a huge loss for people and the country, poor health leads to disruption in employment which indeed leads to poor health of the individual and his family and it even hampers the economic growth of a country.

Lack of financial education causes problems for the young generation, they never learn how to manage funds and they run out of money and they have no savings. Lack of education is also the reason for the increase in the population and blind faith, In India female feticide still exists because they considered a burden to their parents. Blind faiths which exist in our country are a very big challenge to our country and there is only one way to tackle it that is by providing education to those who need it. Value of education in our society is high as the worthy are not able to access it.

In developing and developed countries alike, children do not have access to basic education because of disparities that originate in sex, health and social character (ethnic origin, language, religion). These kids find themselves on the margins of the education system and do not benefit from learning that is essential to their intellectual and social development. But the fact that inequality in sex and cultural identity exist is because the people involved in these are not educated, this is why education is important for teenagers.

Another effect of the lack of education is the increase in the crime rate. This year, India was considered as one of the countries in the world where the crime rate increases yearly. Teenagers are being exposed to crimes like stealing drugs and committing murder. Education in third world countries is highly expensive as the majority of people cannot afford such expensive Education so only rich people get an education and rule over the poor people and then the cycle of slavery continues in a systematic way. There are a lot of problems with the education system in developing countries, some are lack of infrastructure, gender issues, quality of education, funds and the Purpose of education today is more on memorizing solutions than understanding them, poverty and lack of education go hand in hand and poverty is one of the main reason why children are not educated.

How can these problems be solved?

Our teachers need to be taught how to teach children from different age groups, it’s one of the main problems, and this must change as they virtually hold the destiny of the future generations in their hands. Poverty in India is a major problem, new schemes must be introduced to safeguard the future of children from low-income families, and Infrastructure must be improvised especially in government schools as students from low-income families study there. Growth in the education sector should incorporate all sections of society like rural, urban, women, backward classes, etc. The value of education in our society is high and the ones who need it are not able to access it.

Separate schools for those who are physically and mentally challenged must open; this may be able to ensure a better future for them. Most of the exams in India like CAT JEE focus more on memorizing solutions rather than understanding them, students must learn to be creative and must be taught to understand solutions. Parents must understand the Benefits of education and must encourage their children to get educated as this will ensure a bright future not only to their children but even for our country.

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