kids go tech savvy

It all started when The Computer Society of India (CSI) at Vellore, came to us with the idea of conducting a “Computer Workshop”, saying they were extremely interested to be a part of Kudroli Foundation Vellore’s initiatives!

So they packed their “gadgets” and we brought our kids to this journey into the techno-side of our world; something they had never experienced before. Though we were skeptical at first on whether the kids would relate to the CSI members,we realised later, they were no less Kudroli Foundation than our volunteers!

Several groups of kids joined the two ‘IT geeks’, and a laptop was all that was needed to break the ice between them! Within no time the kids were completely engrossed within the intricacies of the laptop’s hardware and software.

The CSI team did a good job of explaining the difficult parts in layman’s language; for instance, like the keyboard can be touched while the words on the screen cannot be, and so on.

The kids kept their eyes wide open and were completely awestruck by how this gadget took off in front of them. The most amazing part was when one of the kids, Saranya asked the techies, “Anna, can I also type?” and without any hesitation, they let the kids try working on it as well!

The levels of curiosity were so high, that one of the girls got her computer textbook and began to clear her doubts! The CSI members were impressed with their zealous attitude. The kids totally went “WOW!” when they were introduced to MS Paint and one of them was even successful in painting a complete scenery.

He jumped out of joy and hugged the techie!

In the end, a feedback from the kids was taken and dedicated to their teachers-for-the-day, describing how they enjoyed using the laptops, learning its uses and how much they’d love to have them back again. There was a big smile on the faces of the CSI folks.

Wait, hold on…it’s not over yet! The CSI guys also exchanged some goodies with our kids; for making them feel so special in the very first meeting.

PS: And yeah, my rusted knowledge of computers was revised too, so to speak!

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