helping out helps you too

Immense! The way volunteering works, it's a circle that never fails to repay. It's not just about giving back to the community, ask anyone who's tried their hand at volunteering, we return with so much more. It changes the lives of two. We meet new people, work in teams, adapt and find ways to solve multiple problems.



Even the people we come to interact with are much more diverse and the environment in which we deal with them. We help create the best days every kid deserves,  a happy childhood and in the process of it all, we get a space with lots of room to learn and grow while building up the future of many.



Let’s get one thing clear right now, right here, volunteering is not just about raising funds or creating revenue to sustain the kids. It's also about spending time with the kids, getting to understand their talents and interests. Part of giving them a great childhood comes from trying to understand them as a person and helping them identify what’s best for themselves. Maybe one could be really good at singing and another might be one who just can't seem to take his eyes of a ball. Encouraging these kids and their skills will also help them stay fit in their minds as well, keeps them positive. It gives them a reason to look forward to something in life despite the difficulties they face because, to be honest, the kids don’t really understand money matters unless they reach a certain age. 



A few years back, I came across an article online titled ‘Books on wheels’. What they do with a small vehicle with four wheels just blew my mind. It’s stories like these that inspired me to jump up and start the ‘Kudroli Foundation’I guess. Now let me tell you what exactly they do, they go around a few places in Chennai with around 2000 books for kids to just walk in and choose from. The vehicle even has a teacher who guilds the kids according to their abilities to choose a book which they can easily grasp onto. Apart from the books they also have a lot of fun activities for the kids to interact with and learn from. The organization that initiated this was called WNS Cares Foundation and I really appreciate what they do for these innocent kids.



So as I was saying, volunteering does not necessarily mean working long hours or having to do things extra hard, It just about putting some effort from your side to help these kids have a better future. A deed as simple as helping them kick a ball or teaching them to pitch perfectly is enough. It takes them at least one step forward towards improving their lives.



When you do what’s needed you get something good in return, It’s as simple as that. From my own experience, I have felt that it's way more rewarding and a lot of it comes to us spontaneously, what to do, how to do it, all of it. It’s like the time when you first become a parent and your instincts kick in to determine what’s best for your child. Money is still an important factor though, sadly because we still live on planet earth, but volunteering helps us create networks with people who can make the process of it easier for us. When I was volunteering as part of the fundraising team, we were constantly going about hosting events to raise money for our kids. While doing so, It brought us in contact with people from different sectors of society and working around them created new pathways for us to go about solving issues. 



A lot of what I had to do as part of the team made me realize that not everyone will care for the children like us, but we can always try and work around such people, work towards giving them something in return, maybe a great experience which makes them want to come back for it next year. It also has a lot to do with improving our social skills while preparing us for the unexpected. We learn to adapt and work around certain situations that seem almost impossible to overcome. Time may not be kind to us so we learn to run about and make trials or build up calculations in our mind to achieve what's needed.



The more we work towards improving the lives of others the more we learn new things which in turn make changes in both our public as well as our personal way of life. A lot of it happens unknowingly in a timely fashion, making us more adaptable to the situation in front of us. It even helps us build a career out of it. The skills set that we use to better the lives of these kids come a long way in helping us in the corporate world as well. It can be put up on your resume, no matter what the field of work may be. It shows that you are willing to work towards giving back to the community and that is always a plus point.



We always want what's best for our community and that is not the government's job alone. Yes, the government has an upper hand at it, but it's also has a humanitarian side to it and our helping hands matter a lot. We become responsible and much more compassionate while the rest of the world goes on with the rat race. It gives us a different perspective to life, keeping us satisfied, happy and content in life. After all, isn't that the whole point of our life on Earth. So don’t hesitate to do a little something for these kids while they will take us far beyond our pipe dream of life.

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