education gives you knowledge to thrive in the world

Education is very important for everyone and is the key to a bright future and it’s a birthright. As all living organisms need oxygen, every human being needs education irrespective of their caste, creed, and sex. Children need to learn how to converse, how to think and act, managers need to make decisions and adapt to a dynamic environment/world, all this would be possible only if they are being educated. Everything is automated these days and it’s an ever-changing world where only the well informed survive, to be creative, to think different and not to do something which everyone is doing all this have something in common which is knowledge which comes from learning and experiences. Education is not only about academics it has a lot in it and you can never say that you don’t need any further education as education keeps evolving and it keeps getting better.



Even in the past parents used to send their kids to Gurukuls where they learned under a guru, this shows the importance of education, even our forefathers knew how important education was. In this competitive environment Value of education in society has increased so much that it has become a vital factor for survival, the level of competition has increased so much, there are Reasons schools are important, in the past years only a high school certificate was enough, then it grew to a graduation and diploma, and now the bar keeps on rising, so much that even an MBA isn’t enough. This shows the Importance of education today.



There are various Benefits of education and it greatly handles your personality development. Being educated makes you a productive individual. It helps you engage with fellow humans and the workings of the world to allow you to experience it in a better way. Education helps us look at things with a different perspective and to form our own perspective on things. It helps us make decisions and build opinions on situations and teaches us ways to handle different outcomes of a situation. Some say education is the process of attaining information about the surrounding world while knowledge is completely different. Either way this is approached, education will always have an upper hand as it broadens a person’s outlook and improves their understanding of immediate surroundings. There is an Importance of knowledge in life. But then again, information is not converted into knowledge without education.



In today’s world everyone needs to stay ahead of their peers and learn to have an edge over their competition. A sound mind and good education would be able to assure anyone that they would stand a chance to perform better and give back to society in positive ways. With a dynamic world constant learning would help people adapt and move towards a better tomorrow, this would benefit them personally and everyone around them.

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